Policy and Procedures Manual

ISRID Policy and Procedures Manual- Click here to download


All Board Position Tasks:

  • Upon acceptance of role, familiarize yourself with the Bylaws and your role as described here
  • Submit your photo for the website, newsletter and display board, along with a bio for the website (update as needed)
  • Add your name to the Secretary of State office registry to ensure we maintain our non-profit status (see Chapter -Requirements for details)
  • Read and respond to emails weekly
  • Maintain communication with committees, as assigned
  • Encourage other interpreters and stakeholders to join and participate with ISRID
  • Submit a quarterly and annual Board report detailing tasks prior to meetings
  • Submit agenda items to the President at least 3 days before a Board meeting
  • Attend quarterly Board meetings and the annual Membership Meeting
  • Attend other ISRID meetings, as needed
  • As requested, submit articles for the newsletter
  • Set dates for meetings, conferences, deadlines, etc. annually
  • Represent ISRID at events, meetings, and booth opportunities (ex. Deaf Day at the Capitol, Deaf Cultural Celebration at
  • Iowa School for the Deaf, Deaf Expo, Deaf Day at Adventureland)
  • Review the Annual Audit done by the Treasurer for accuracy and sign off (2 Board members are needed annually)
  • Train your successor


Onboarding Tasks:

  • Access the President's Gmail account
  • Add your name to the bank account(s)
  • Familiarize yourself with the saved Google docs

Intermittent Tasks:

  • Initiate discussions with the Board regarding time-sensitive matters that arise
  • Accept resignations and inform the Board, Membership Coordinator and Website Coordinator
  • Seek to keep all positions filled and appoint people as necessary
  • Watch for email alerts regarding action items
  • Seek opportunities to grow membership
  • Track New Business and Unfinished Business
  • Attend the monthly Region IV President's Council and share learned info/resources with membership Keep abreast of -RID Headquarters news and information
  • Keep abreast of issues affecting Iowa interpreters and the Deaf Community (ex. licensure, legislation, etc.) and respond accordingly
  • Communicate with ISRID members and others (see Communication for details)

Quarterly Tasks:

  • Create an agenda for Board meetings and send it to the Secretary at least 1 day before the meeting to be sent out to membership
  • Preside over the quarterly Board meetings
  • Check in with Board members and committees to see how they can be better supported
  • Be in contact with the Newsletter Editor
  • Attend Iowa State Licensure Board Meetings, when able

Annual Tasks:

  • Create an agenda for the Membership Meeting and send it to the Secretary at least 3 days prior to the meeting
  • Preside over the Membership Meeting
  • Attend a Regional/National Conference or appoint a representative to attend (ISRID will cover partial-to-full costs)
  • Create and submit an annual report to RID Headquarters (see Chapter Requirements for details)

Vice President

On-boarding Tasks:

  • Access Vice President's Gmail account
  • Familiarize yourself with the saved Google docs

Intermittent Tasks:

  • Communicate with ISRID members and stakeholders
  • Support the President in their duties and take the lead from them

Quarterly Tasks:

  • Preside over the quarterly Board meeting if the President is absent
  • Attend Iowa State Licensure Board Meetings, when able


On-boarding Tasks:

  • Access Secretary’s Gmail account
  • Familiarize yourself with the saved Google docs

Quarterly Tasks:

  • Email a report request to all Board members, Coordinators and Committee chairs at least 1 week before a Board meeting (or Membership Meeting)
    1. Give them a due date of 3 days before the meeting
    2. Include a reminder to send agenda items to the President
  • Send an email to the Board and membership the day before a meeting, including:
    1. Compiled Board/Committee Report
    2. Agenda
    3. Previous meeting minutes to be reviewed
    4. Location of meeting or meeting link
  • Take notes during all meetings
  • Finalize meeting minutes and upload to website within 30 days of the meeting


On-boarding Tasks:

  • Access the ISRID membership Gmail account (shared e-mail address with the Membership Coordinator)
  • Add your name to the bank account(s)
  • Familiarize yourself with the saved Google docs
  • Receive the laptop computer from previous Treasurer
  • Receive all of ISRID’s documentation (see Financial Documentation Retention Policy for details)

Intermittent Tasks:

  • Deposit checks, cash, etc. at the bank
  • Transfer PayPal funds to the bank account
  • Reconcile bank statements in Quicken
  • Keep Quicken up to date with transactions
  • Monitor the budget spreadsheet and adjust as needed
  • Communicate with the appropriate person(s) regarding payments received
  • Watch the Google spreadsheet shared with the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) sponsor for CEU payments and check off once payment has been received on the spreadsheet

Annual Tasks:

  • Fill out and file the appropriate tax forms (see Filing Taxes for details)
  • Complete an annual audit and have 2 other Board members sign off on it prior to the annual report submission (see - -Chapter Requirements for details)
  • Prepare for and monitor the financial component of the Fall Conference:
    1. In preparation for the conference, work closely with the Professional Development Committee to obtain W-9s and -expected costs for the presenters, interpreters, venues, food, etc.
    2. Collect all contracts
    3. Access registration numbers
    4. Collect and deposit registration fees
    5. Review and pay all entities for goods/services
    6. Create a profit/loss statement -Pay RID the CMP sponsor fee ($225/year) once the CMP Coordinator gives you the information
  • Maintain documentation (see Financial Documentation Retention Policy for details)

Member-at-Large (MAL)

Intermittent Tasks (varies by need):

  • Support special projects
  • Serve as liaison for a committee
  • Support other Board members
  • Review this Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) in its entirety and update as needed

Board Removal Requirements

  • Any Board member may be removed from the Board, with or without cause, either by: 1. A 2/3 vote by the Board 2. A majority vote of the membership (quorum must be established)


All Coordinator Tasks:

  • Submit quarterly Board/Committee report
  • Receive permission prior to spending money
  • Attend Board meetings, when possible

Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) Coordinator

Intermittent Tasks:

  • Process Continuing Education Units (CEUs) (see detailed steps below for various types)
  • Communicate participant payments with the Treasurer
  • Contact RID’s Professional Development Department at cmp@rid.org with questions
  • Communicate with workshop organizers on initial steps for requesting CEU processing
  • See RID's CMP Standards & Criteria for current requirements

Annual Tasks:

  • Send the Treasurer the renewal reminder from RID for the annual Sponsor fee
  • Submit a breakdown of the prior year’s total CEUs processed to the Board

Academic Coursework Processing:

  1. Send blank "Academic Coursework Activity Report" form to participant with instructions
  2. Participant returns above form with documentation proving that the college is accredited through CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) AND documentation pertaining to the academic coursework (ex. course description or outline)
  3. Review forms: a. Discuss content area - whether General Studies or Academic Studies b. Determine CEUs
  4. Hold the documentation until the course is completed
  5. Upon completion, participant provides a copy of their transcript a. GPA must be at least a 2.0 or a "pass" must be received for the CEUs to be awarded
  6. Verify with the Treasurer that payment has been submitted by requestor

  7. Sign the bottom of the original Academic Coursework Activity Report indicating CEUs will be awarded

  8. Upload information to the RID portal for CEUs
  9. Create and send certificate of completion to the participant

Independent Study Processing:

  1. Discuss the independent study plan with requestor and provide a blank "Independent Study Plan" form a. Requestor must fill out and submit the plan PRIOR to the beginning of the Independent Study
  2. Receive the completed form, sign the bottom, and hold on to it until the independent study is completed
  3. Participant will contact you upon completion of their independent study, providing all documentation that was originally outlined in the Independent Study Plan
  4. Verify with the Treasurer that payment has been submitted by requestor
  5. Upload information to the RID portal for CEUs
  6. Create and send certificate of completion to the participant

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) Processing:

  1. Send blank "Participant Initiated Non-RID Form" to requestor with instructions
  2. Receive and review materials from the requestor a. Completed form b. Activity information c. Proof of attendance
  3. Verify with the Treasurer that payment has been submitted by requestor
  4. Upload information to the RID portal for CEUs
  5. Create and send certificate of CEUs to the requestor

Workshop Processing:

  1. Send blank “Instructor and Activity” forms to requestor with instructions a. Requestor must return completed forms and advertising materials which include RID required information
  2. Verify and approve forms and advertising materials
  3. Input workshop information into the RID portal
  4. Email requestor with instructions for completing processing a. Requestor must complete and return roster and evaluation summary within 3 days after the workshop b. Requestor must pay processing fee to ISRID
  5. Collect evaluations (optional) a. Requestor provides their own evaluation and then submits an evaluation summary b. File evaluation summary in event record
  6. Distribute Certificates of Completion a. Create Certificates of Completion for each workshop for each participant b. Email certificates individually to each participant
  7. Compile record of participants to report and upload to the RID portal
  8. Verify with the Treasurer that the requestor or host paid processing fees

CMP Processing Fees (Charged by ISRID)

ISRID Member/ Supporting Organization CostNon-ISRID Member Cost
Academic Coursework$10$25
Independent Study$30$40
Independent Study –pre-designed packets$60$60

Membership Coordinator

Intermittent Tasks:

  • Communicate with the Treasurer to verify payments of memberships received
  • Receive membership applications
  1. Check information with ISRID database (Excel file “Members Current and Expired”)
  2. Copy the information into the current year’s membership list
  3. Remove the name from the renewal reminder list
  4. Create a membership card/letter: a. Open the accurate membership category template b. Adjust the date c. Personalize the greeting d. Place the first and last name on the card e. Place the membership number from the database f. Save the membership card/letter as a PDF
  5. Email the PDF card/letter using the canned response in the ISRID Membership email and personalize the greeting
  6. Forward the most recent ISRID communications (ex. newsletter, meeting dates, workshops) to the new member • Modify the membership letter with current information from the Board (ex. dates of the next event, new Board members) • Send an updated membership list to isridweb@gmail.com and newsletter editor after any major increase in members • Respond to website submission questions related to membership (not including account-related issues)

Quarterly Task:

Write a report for the Board meeting indicating:

  • Number of members in each category
  • Total number of individual members
  • Names of Supporting Organizations

Annual Tasks:

  • Due August 1st – create a list of current members, including name and email address, and send it to the President (included in the annual report to RID), Website Coordinator and Newsletter Editor
  • Due August 15th – create a list of members that can be nominated for the open Board positions that year

  • With the 2020 Bylaw changes:

  1. All Dual Members can be nominated for any Board position
  2. All State Associate Members can be nominated for all positions except the President or Vice President
  • This eligibility list will be sent to the membership either by the President, Secretary, Nomination Coordinator or you

Membership Details:

  • All individual memberships expire June 30th
  • Supporting Organizations have membership for a year from the month we receive the funds
  • If a new member joins after January 1st, they will be charged half of their membership fee but will still expire that year
  • o enewing members do not receive the discount and their membership expires that year
  • About May 15th, apply all renewals to the following year
  • o Adjust the date if there is a workshop held in May and “give” members the extra 1-2 months for rejoining at that point

Nomination Coordinator

Prior to the Membership Meeting:

• Receive a list of eligible members from the Membership Coordinator or President by August 15th

• Send the list of eligible members to membership at least 45 days prior to the Membership Meeting, including the description of positions and instructions on how to nominate (This can be sent by the Membership Coordinator, President or Secretary, if needed)

• Acknowledge every nomination with a response of receipt

• Contact the individual(s) nominated, explain the role they have received a nomination for and ask if they accept the nomination.

  1. Do not contact the same person for the same position if nominated more than once that year

  2. If a person is nominated for a different position, still contact them unless they already say no to all positions • Keep track of all accepted and rejected nominations o Sometimes there will be no nominations made prior to the Membership Meeting

• Collaborate with the President before the Membership Meeting to determine what method of voting (paper or electronic) will be used and who is responsible for having it set up, gathering supplies, etc

During the Membership Meeting:

  1. Bring the list of eligible members and the accepted and rejected nominations to the Membership Meeting
  2. Collect proxies prior to the start of the election process
  3. Provide the Secretary with names of proxies and proxy holders to be included in Meeting Minutes
  4. Open the floor to nominations

• If someone is not present but is nominated and has already rejected the role, you may turn it down for them

• If someone is not present but is nominated and has not been asked yet:

  1. Contact the person to accept the nomination during the meeting, if possible
  2. Try to get a nomination for someone participating in the meeting

• If there are no nominations received for a position, after the meeting the President will appoint someone to fill the vacancy

  1. Proceed with voting (see Voting Methodology for details)

Student Support Coordinator

On-boarding Tasks:

• Contact colleges with interpreting related programs to establish communication

Intermittent Tasks:

• Visit college ASL/Interpreting programs to promote and represent ISRID

• Communicate with the Board

  1. Names of Support Staff
  2. Communications with colleges
  3. Interactions with students
  4. Students available to assist at events
  5. Requests for college support

Annual Tasks:

• At the beginning of the Fall Semester, contact colleges with Interpreting and/or ASL programs to relay information to students regarding:

  1. Fall Conference
  2. Fall Conference
  3. Support Staff positions and the application process
  • Recruit Support Staff for the Fall Conference
  • Determine the number of Support Staff positions available based on the need for the conference
  • Receive and evaluate the Support Staff applications
  • Choose the applicants that best satisfy the requirements
  • Contact the chosen applicants and give them further instruction (ex. time, date and location)
  • Provide the names of Support Staff to the Board
  • Make hotel arrangements for the Support Staff
  • Communicate assignments, expectations, schedule, etc. to the Support Staff

Website Coordinator

Work in progress (pending new website)


All Committee Tasks:

• Submit quarterly Board/Committee report (typically the chair does this)

• Receive permission prior to spending money

• Attend Board meetings, when possible

Budget Committee

Annual Task:

• July – establish the budget for the fiscal year

Intermittent Tasks:

• Review the budget usage to remain under allotted amount

• Maintain awareness of upcoming and projected costs

• Maintain a fiscal year record showing the projected costs, amount used, and amounts left over

Community Outreach Committee

Work in progress

Intermittent Tasks:

Community Outreach Fund:

• ISRID typically gives about $100-300 a year in donations

• ISRID typically volunteers at 1 to 4 events a year

Kathryn Bauman-Reese Leadership Award:

Fundraising Committee

Onboarding Tasks:

• Access PDC’s Gmail account

• Familiarize yourself with the saved Google docs

Intermittent Tasks:

• Compose letters requesting support (check Google docs for template)

  • Send letter to organizations who have supported ISRID in previous years, as well as new prospects

  • Offer a mutually beneficial way to help ISRID

• Create (if not already created) a fundraising request and response Sheet in the PDC Google Drive to be shared with the PDC including:

  • Organization/Individual name

  • Method of communication o Date(s) of communication o Name of contact person

  • Date of follow up contact

  • Donation type/amount

  • Date donation received

• Update the vinyl banner with logos of that year’s sponsors

• Include a “thank you” at event

Fundraising Ideas:

• Silent auction

• Offer sponsorship levels

• Sponsor specific costs (ex. meal, trivia, entertainment, prizes, interpreters, presenter, supplies)

Legislative Committee

Work in progress

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

On-boarding Tasks:

• Access the PDC documents on the shared Google drive

• Familiarize yourself with the saved Google docs including:

  • Templates (each PDC can create event-specific forms from these templates)

i. Sponsorship

ii. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for venues, conferences, and workshops

iii. Event budgets

iv. Advertisement flyers

v. Registration form

vi. CMP forms

vii. "Materials Needed" checklist

  • Folders separated by each year containing separate folders for each quarterly workshop and a folder for the conference

i. ALL materials are saved here and no individual PDC members should have them on their devices

  • Sponsoring Organizations/Individual Spreadsheet

i. Record of sponsoring organizations/individuals

  • Presenter Spreadsheet

i. Compiled spreadsheet with presenter names, contact info, fees charged, areas of specialty, dates they have presented for ISRID, etc.

  • Presenter Folder

i. Individual folders by presenter as they submit information (ex. list of workshops, headshots, CMP forms)

Intermittent Tasks:

• Meet as a committee

• Plan quarterly workshops

Quarterly Tasks:

• One month before each quarterly workshop:

  • Advertise the workshop

  • Open registration

i. If there is a March workshop, registration for it may coincide with the schedule of events shared in February (see below)

  • Submit CEU forms for the workshop

PDC Planning Timeline

• October of year X

  • Identify the PDC committee for year Y

  • Identify the PDC chair for year Y

• November of year X

  • Send out a call for presenters for quarterly workshops and conference

  • Send RFPs for quarterly workshop locationsg

  • Send RFPs for quarterly workshop locations

• January of year Y

  • Finalize the locations for quarterly workshops and conference

• February of year Y

  • Finalize the presenters for quarterly workshops and conference

  • Send a Save-the-Date to members with dates, location, and presenters

i. Post on social media, website, etc. to get the word out

  • Book the presenter’s travel and hotel

  • Begin recruiting sponsors for quarterly workshops and conference

  • Book interpreters for any events that need interpreters

• 4 months before conference

  • Draft the conference schedule

  • Draft the budget based on known costs

  • Set fees and open registration

  • Distribute registration information and flyer by email, social media, website, etc.

  • Follow up with sponsors

• 3 months before conference

  • Set the menu
  • Revise the budget as needed based on early bird registrations and received sponsorships
  • Send out a reminder of conference registration and include any updates

  • Recruit ASL/interpreting students to support conference on-site

• 2 months before conference

  • Collect items for door prizes/silent auction

  • Submit CEU forms for conference workshops to CMP Sponsor

  • Send out a reminder of conference registration and include any updates

• 1 month before conference

  • Finalize number of hotel rooms and menu with the hotel to get a final bill estimate

  • Compare the final bill estimate against the income from registrations and sponsorships

  • Set a goal for silent auction fundraising

• 2 weeks before conference

  • Close the advance registration

  • Settle the bills with the venue, presenter and interpretersname tags, workshop evaluations, CEU sign-in logs and any other materials needed

• Within 2 weeks after conference

  • Settle the bills with the venue, presenter and interpreters

  • Create suggestion document for the incoming PDC and save in the Google drive

  • Create suggestion document for the incoming PDC and save in the Google drive

  • Send rosters to the CMP Sponsor

  • Collaborate with the Treasurer to figure out the total profit/loss from the conference budget

  • Add new PDC members for year Z and remove outgoing PDC members

Voting Methodology

Consult the Bylaws to determine voting eligibility

Electronic Voting

• Electronic voting may be used for virtual or in-person meetings

• Create an electronic ballot (below are instructions for creating a ballot with Google Forms but so long as the results can be shared directly with another person, the specific software is irrelevant)

  1. Open a blank Google Form with one of ISRID’s Gmail accounts
  2. Name the form in relation to the election or motion
  3. Add a question for each position
  4. Use the multiple-choice feature for individual positions and motions
  5. Use the checkbox feature for Member-at-Large elections
  6. Add “Other” boxes to allow for write-in candidates
  7. Go to “Settings”
  8. To allow for anonymity and to not require voters to have a Google account, uncheck both: o Collect email addresses o Limit to 1 response
  9. Click on vertical ellipsis (⋮)
  10. Choose “Add collaborators” and add a second person that is not running for office who will be able to watch the results come in

• Distribute the electronic ballot to eligible persons by at least one of the following:

  • Drop the link into the chat box during a virtual meeting

  • Provide a short linky a QR code

  • Provide a short link

• Announcement of the winners is done by those watching the results

Paper Voting

• Create ballots before the election including:

  • Position(s) to be voted on

  • Name(s) of those who have accepted nominations

  • Space for write-in nominations

  • Motion(s) to be voted on with “Yes”, “No” and “Abstain” responses

• Alternatively, prepared small slips of blank paper can be used for people to write down their votes

• Collect the ballots and 3 people who are not running for office privately count the votes

• Announcement of the winners is done by those counting the votes

Voice/Sign Voting

• If there is only one person running for a position, or the item to be voted on is a simple yes/no with the discussion clearly leaning to one choice, “Vote By Acclimation” is used o Close the floor for discussion or nominations

  • Restate the position and the person running or the motion

  • Ask: “All in favor? Say yes.”

  • Announce: “The motion passes” or congratulate and thank the winner

Voting By Proxy

• Proxies must be given to the Nomination Coordinator by the start of the election process

• Holders receive one ballot/vote per proxy, plus their own

Chapter Requirements

Annual Report to RID Maintaining RID compliance as an Affiliate Chapter requires documents to be submitted to the national headquarters at compliance@rid.org by August 15th each year

• Submit the annual report to RID including:

  • Current Board contact information

  • Membership list

  • Copies of letters regarding political actions

  • Financial audit cover sheet

i. Signed by 2 Board members

ii. Contains the beginning and ending balances for the fiscal year

  • Proof of submitting Form 990/990 EZ

For more specific information please read RID's, Affiliate Chapter Handbook – Living Document (page 39)

Filing Taxes (990, 1099-NEC, 1096)

  1. Order Forms 1099-NEC and 1096 from the IRS website
  2. Fill out a 1099-NEC for anyone we paid $600 or more
  3. Submit the 1099-NEC and 1096 to the IRS on or before January 31st
  4. Complete the 990-EZ (e-postcard)
  5. Submit the 990-EZ to the IRS and RID by November 15th at the latest but preferably done at the same time as the Annual Audit

Financial Audit

The Financial Audit, also called the Annual Audit, is prepared by the Treasurer and is due with the Annual Report to RID

• Organize Quicken reports, bank statements, Paypal transactions, invoices, receipts, contracts and bills by month

• Confirm that each expense has supporting documentation

• Confirm Quicken and bank records balance

• Record the fiscal year’s beginning and ending balances along with net income or loss on the cover sheet

  • The fiscal year runs July 1st to June 30th

  • The Cover Sheet template is located on the Treasurer’s computer

• Ask 2 other Board members to review the documentation and cover letter

• The 2 Board members will:

  • Review all records

  • Ask questions, if necessary

  • Sign the Audit cover sheet

• Send the signed cover sheet to the President to include in the Annual Report

Financial Documentation Retention Policy

• Audit Cover Page: Signed audit cover page shall be kept forever

• Audit: Documentation shall be kept for 7 years, then appropriately destroyed

  • Ex. 2020-2021 documentation needs to be kept until August 1st of 2028, then save the signed cover page and destroy the rest)

• 990-EZ (e-postcard): 990-EZ shall be kept at least 3 years

• W-2: W-2s received (presenters, interpreters, businesses) shall be kept until taxes are due by that person, then appropriately destroyed

Secretary of State

The biennial report with the Secretary of State needs to be filed by March 31st of each odd year and kept up to date with the names of current Board members and mailing address.

• To file the biennial report:

  1. Go to Fast Track Filing
  2. Log in under isridmembership@gmail.com
  3. Click the blue link “Biennial report” on the right
  4. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the report

• To update the mailing address for ISRID business:

  1. Go to Fast Track Filing
  2. Log in under isridmembership@gmail.com
  3. Find “Change of Registered Office”
  4. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the address change

• To update the names of Board members:

  1. Go to Fast Track Filing
  2. Log in under isridmembership@gmail.com
  3. Find “Change of Registered Agent”
  4. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the name change



• The ISRID Update is an electronic newsletter sent out quarterly to membership on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st

• It is a members-only perk

• Contact the Board, members, and/or other stakeholders for input on the member spotlight section, article topics, etc.

• At the beginning of the month that the newsletter is due, start reaching out to people to submit articles

  • Give them a due date of at least a week before the end of the month to give you time to edit and insert the article

• Email the completed newsletter to the Board and BCC current members, Membership Coordinator at isridmembership@gmail.com and the Region IV Representative at Region4rep@rid.org Social Media


• Page Name – Iowa State RID

• Administrators (as of 2021) – Laura Lord, Holly Shannon, Joe Trelsed, Amber Tucker and Heidi Parrow


• Administrators – unknown

• Not currently used


• Items to be posted by administrators include but not limited to professional development opportunities, current deaf/interpreter events and ISRID happenings

• Employment opportunities will not be posted on social media and will only be posted on our website

• If a question is asked via social media and an answer is unknown, contact the Board to help respond


Official Colors:

• Blue = Red-15, Green-6, Blue-132, Hex #0F0684

• Green = Red-5, Green-157, Blue-9, Hex #059D09

• Accents = Black and White


• Designed by Dylan Heuer in 2020

Website Submission FAQs and Responses

Website FAQResponseResponder
Looking for an interpreter for a specific eventProvide them the link to our Interpreter Search. There they can find individual interpreters and/or our supporting agencies to make their request.President
Student or out-of-state interpreter wanting to know about Iowa license/requirementsProvide basic information and include the link to the IDPH website.President
Someone isn’t a good interpreter or is interpreting without a licenseLet them know we are disappointed to hear that, but ISRID does not handle grievances. Direct them to the IDPH website where a complaint can be filed.President
Trying to post a job on the ISRID websiteSend the link to our website’s job postings.Website Coordinator
Issues prior to conference (ex. registration, links not working, hotel, what language)If the question can be answered, answer it.If it cannot be answered, and it is ISRID related, respond to let the person know the appropriate person will get back to them shortly.If it is unrelated to ISRID, let them know who they need to contact and information to do so (ex. hotel direct phone number).President forwards email to the appropriate person for question
What is the typical cost for an interpreter in Iowa?Inform them that fees vary and there is no set rate.President
Mistaking ISRID for the licensure board (ex. Is this person an interpreter?, How do I renew my license, I need to change something on my license)Provide them the link to the IDPH websitePresident
Pondering moving to Iowa to work and want to know if there are jobs in a specific areaLet them know Iowa can always use more good interpreters and provide them the link to our Interpreter Search. There they can find individual interpreters or agencies in the area they are looking at to contact.President
Looking for volunteer interpretersIf it is a group that ISRID tends to support, offer to email the membership to request volunteers.If it is not something that ISRID tends to participate, let them know they can find contact information for interpreters and/or agencies directly from our website via the Interpreter Search.President
Looking for a list of interpreters in Iowa or a specific area in Iowa.(ex. How many interpreters are in Iowa?)Provide a link to the IDPH website and let them know how they can pull a report.President
Membership questions (ex. Am I an ISRID member?, Have I paid this year?)Check the ISRID database and respond accordinglyMembership Coordinator
College questions (ex. How do I become an interpreter?, What school can I go to?, Do you have an internship I can do?)Explain the educational requirements for RID and Iowa licensure. Inform them that Scott Community College is the only school in Iowa offering interpreting currently and individual interpreters and/or agencies may accept an intern. Provide them a link to our Interpreter Search to find individuals or agencies to inquire about internships.President
CEU questions (ex. Missing CEUs on transcript, Check has not been cashed yet, How do I get ISRID to sponsor CEUs?)Depending on the question, provide contact information for the CMP Sponsor and/or Treasurer.President with 2nd person CC’d
Job posting (through form)Upload the job to our websiteWebsite Coordinator
Looking for a mentorIf they are working in the educational setting, direct them to Dr. Deb Cates at the Iowa School for the Deaf and/or provide them a link to our Interpreter Search to find individuals or agencies to inquire about mentorship.President
Another Affiliate Chapter asking questions (ex. Wants to do a dual state conference, Establish a partnership, Invite to participate)Send the information onto the appropriate person(s) (ex. PDC, Secretary).President with 2nd person CC’d
How do I join ISRID?Send a link to the renewal page, letting them know they can do it online or through the mail.Membership Coordinator
Need to update contact informationUpdate records on our end.If they want their information in our Interpreter Search, let them know they need to change it themselves by filing/refiling the form. If it is an email address change, let them know they need to log into their account on our website and change it there.Membership Coordinator
We’d like to support ISRID’s next event/conferencePass this information onto the appropriate person coordinating that event.President forwards to appropriate person
We’d like ISRID to supportour eventAcknowledge the email and promise to get back to them after the Board has had time to discuss and decide. The Board typically gives about $100-$300 a year and volunteers at 1-4 events.The Board ultimately makes the decision to give financially, provide interpreters, provide workers, alert membership, not participate, etc.President-1st If not giving, President again.If giving, the person in charge of the giving will respond.
We’re putting on a workshop, please advertise for us.Provide a link to our website (CEU Events) for them to post their event.Send information to the Newsletter Editor to be included in the newsletter. Send information to Social Media Administrators to post on our pages.-Website Coordinator (President send to Newsletter Editor & Social Media Admin.)
Can you teach sign language? Can you create signing resources?Direct them to the Iowa School for the Deaf and Iowa Association of the Deaf.Check to see if there are appropriate resources on our website to direct them towards.President
Problems logging into theISRID’s websiteSend them their username and password to the email address linked to their website account.Website Coordinator
A Deaf call to actionAcknowledge the email and promise to get back to them after the Board has had time to discuss. Bring the call to action to the entire Board to discuss and decide in a timely manner.President
ISRID is using my wrong emailApologize and let them know the change has been made in our records (and make the change), but they will have to change it themselves on the website for the Interpreter Search and website.Membership Coordinator
Media requestFigure out the best person/people/group to respond to the question or topic. Contact them with the requestor’s entreaty and contact information.President passes onto others
I paid my membership dues but did not receive my membership cardCheck that they did pay. If the letter/card was already sent, forward your previous email and respond to the website submission. Let them know that physical cards are no longer sent. If you have not received payment, check with the Treasurer and Paypal, then respond asking for clarification of payment.Membership Coordinator

ISRID Official Email Addresses

Position/CommitteeEmail AddressCurrent Person Responsible(updated 2021)
Website Coordinator/ Technicianisridweb@gmail.comJoe Trelstad
Presidentisridpresident@gmail.comTara von Walden
Vice Presidentisridvicepresident@gmail.comElaine Brassard
Secretaryisridsecretary@gmail.comHeidi Parrow
Membership Coordinator and Treasurerisridmembership@gmail.comLauren Mills and Carrie Wood
Professional Development Committeeisrid.prof.develop@gmail.comElaine Brassard
Fundraisingisridfundraising@gmail.comNone – ask the Website Coordinator for login information

To access an ISRID email account, or for troubleshooting with an ISRID email address, contact isridweb@gmail.com.